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You'll learn how to develop your own Python web framework to see how all the magic works beneath the scenes in Flask, Django, and the other Python-based web frameworks.

Jahongir Rahmonov

I'm a Software Engineer at Delivery Hero. Avid reader. WIUT graduate. Blogger and an amateur speaker.

I write about Python, Django, Kubernetes and sometimes something non-technical.

Welcome to my corner


Hi! My name is Jahongir Rahmonov.

I'm a software developer at Delivery Hero, a graduate of Westminster International University in Tashkent, a bookworm, and a travel buff.

As a software developer, I mostly write in Python, the Django framework specifically. But which web developer has not had to write in this thing called JavaScript. So, I have a couple of years' experience in AngularJS as well. However, as a startup employee, I have had to wear many hats and lately I have been involved in DevOps most of my time. As a result, in my day-to-day job, I am using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, GCP and AWS.

Also, I have tried myself as a speaker a couple of times. I regularly give talks at Super Dispatch. However, my first real speaking activity was in Google IO Extended 2017 at Inha where I gave a talk on "Web apps deployment at Super Dispatch: past, present and future"

I have a dream of becoming a Googler. I am trying my best to accomplish this. And this blog is for sharing my knowledge and experience acquired along the way. Because, you know, the best way to learn is to teach :)

Talks I have given

  • At Google IO Extended 2017 at Inha University - How we deploy our Django apps at Super Dispatch now and where we are going
  • At UzGeeks Meetup - Advanced Features in Python


Feel free to contact me through Twitter and Facebook or privately through email. I really enjoy talking with people.

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