Jahongir Rahmonov

I'm a Software Developer at Super Dispatch (TechStars '16). Avid reader. WIUT graduate. Blogger and an amateur speaker

I write about Python, Django, AngularJS and sometimes something non-technical.

Welcome to my corner

Recent Posts

Django Static Files — 07 June 2018

Django Static Files for Dummies

Branch by Abstraction — 08 April 2018

What is Branch by Abstraction and how to implement it

Static Site Generator in Python — 31 March 2018

What are static site generators? How to write your own in Python?

The Best Books that I have read — 18 March 2018

The best books that I have read over a couple of years and their summaries

How to become a senior software developer — 25 February 2018

How I become a senior software developer and how you can too

Zero Downtime Deployment with Kubernetes — 10 February 2018

How to achieve a zero downtime deployment with Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes — 03 February 2018

What is Kubernetes? What does it consist of? A practical example

Python GIL — 08 December 2017

What is the Global Interpreter Lock in Python?

Nginx Ingress Controller — 11 November 2017

Nginx Ingress Controller Tutorial

You are a genius! — 04 November 2017

You may not realize this but you are a true genius!

What is Python? — 23 October 2017

Would you be surprised if I said that Python is not a programming language at all?

Custom ChainMap in Python — 21 October 2017

Custom implementation of Python's standard ChainMap

Python ChainMap — 17 October 2017

The comprehensive guide to Python's collections module. Part Two: ChainMap

Python Generators — 02 September 2017

A tale of generators in Python

Python Decorators — 30 August 2017

A tale of decorators in Python

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