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Wed 15 July 2015

The music to listen to while working

Most of the time, I listen to some kind of music while working/coding/programming. Sometimes, I catch myself distracted from the work and singing along that music I am listening to.

Well, that is not too good for developers. We have to be sharp focused on the task at hand.

So, I did my mini-research and found that the best music for developers is the music without lyrics, i.e. instrumental music. Besides, the sound of nature is favorable too.

The following are the links to the music I am listening right now at work. Just open these links at the same time and enjoy while working hard:

  1. Rainymood – endless sound of rains

  2. Saxaphone – awesome instrumental music

  3. Sound of Fire – endless sound of fire

One more good thing is you don’t have to replay them by yourself. They loop endlessly themselves!

Have fun and work hard. Fight on!


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